Strategic Rebranding

an image of our strategy client debbie

Holistic Blend, phasing in a brand strategy

Holistic Blended needed to rebrand its organization without the need to overhaul the entire packaging line-up in one go. When the decision is made to rebrand a business who carries inventory on their shelves can see the cost of changing logos skyrocket.

Our graphic designers developed a step-by-step approach to the rebrand which allowed the company to use its existing stocks of bags and labels while transitioning to a new image.

This was achieved by creating the new mark and using it in a central role in all the packaging and marketing while retaining the old logo in a more secondary fashion.

As stocks of each item needed replacing the new designs were ready to go, launching the new visuals into the marketplace. Over the course of a year the new logo design gained more recognition, and the old brand was
retired. Learn more.

Realizing Core Values

an image of our strategy and design client Sam

Formulogix, and what they actually do.

There are three ways companies exist, in the minds of those who own or work at the place, in the opinions of the customers or clients and finally there is reality.

Of course we don't often want our image to be too real, a little bit of the right kind of fantasy can go a long way. However when organizations cannot see their true benefits to their customers it can cause real issues in their overall communications.

Formulogix is a rather unique firm, they target new Canadian companies with innovative technologies. By leveraging their connections and networks in emerging markets in the Middle East and Asia Formulogix is able to deploy these new technologies and massively increase revenue streams.

In this case it was the origins of Formulogix that started creating issues and a few successes can often skew self understanding. Learn More.

Targeting a Specific Market

our strategy and branding client Raj

JAAN, an eastern liqueur in a western market.

Bringing new tastes to market isn't always easy, and this is especially true with exotic flavours. When it comes down to the graphic design of the packaging for such a unique product do you appeal to the low hanging fruit, or target a wider audience?

Raj had already created a design for his packaging with a previous firm and originally approached or team to critique the bottle design. These are always touchy subjects.

While the discussion began on the look of the JAAN product we quickly moved onto Raj's ambitions for his company, his expected short term sales, and long term goals. Often reviewing these strategic goals can be revealing, especially when referencing the design pieces.

In the case of the JAAN packaging, Raj decided he would like to explore a few more options, specifically with the goals of introducing his product to a wider demographic. Learn More.