Beretta menu design

Beretta Graphic Design

Beretta Family Farms in Toronto

Our design team recently had the opportunity to work with Beretta, a producer of premium grain fed, antibiotic free meats on a variety of projects.

We just updated their catering holiday menu for Winter 2015. Our designers maintained the existing layout while updating the imagery and content. Read More.

Identity design for a commercial construction company

Jag Identity Design

JAG Building Group Concorde Ontario

While preparing to expand into the US market JAG chose the opportunity to rebrand and design a new website with local specific content.

A part of the new design was to work towards a look and feel that fits well with the US market. This carried across multiple design elements. Read more.

Complete brand and logo design for Koya

Koya Branding

Koya Skincare in Mississauga

With a personal connection, Koya aims to produce safe, organic and fair skincare products for a growing and more aware market.

Our graphic designers worked to produce the logo design, website, packaging and print collateral. The product not only looks good, but smells amazing! Read more.

Just Finished

Cheeky Monkey Redesign

Packaging redesign for Vineco International Cheecky Monkey

A packaging redesign for one of Vineco's most popular brands offered a great opportunity for our designers to really push the envelope.

Social & Well Designed

Social media campaign thumbnail

Social media campaigns are always a tough slog. Our most recent Holistic Blend competition however really got the dog lovers out in force.

A 3D Printing Website

Graphic Design for a 3D Printing client website

Anubis 3D is at the forefront of 3D printing, our job was to design their new website and organize their content in an easy to follow layout.


Jaan Branding and Design

Jaan Branding and packaging design

It is always a pleasure when you get to design a brand for a new product. With Jaan, our designers were working with an exotic liqueur for a broad market.

Tradeshow Booth Graphics

Tradeshow booth illustration and design

Instead of using the same tired stock imagery, our graphic designers created new custom (and slightly cheeky) illustrations got Sphere 3D's Tradeshow.

Engineering Brochures

Brochure design for an engineering company

The engineering arm of the Anubis Group asked our graphic designers to design brochures that clearly communicated the benefit of using their technology.