Our Firm and Graphic Designers

A little bit of history

ODL Designs opened its doors in 2004 with the idea that Graphic Design is an integral part of business activities, and a goal to build a more streamlined creative model. With founding experience and design philosophies from Europe, the Middle East and North America our team experienced rapid growth in the first few years and enjoyed working with large multi-national accounts, small business owners and everyone in-between.

By 2008 our graphic design firm had grown to two studios and we considered ourselves very lucky to enjoy almost perfect client retention. One of the goals of opening the second office in SE Asia was to build a system that could respond to the ever quickening pace the industry demanded with a near 24 hour workflow.

Over the following years ODL Designs has been lucky to see its fortunes continue to shine through thanks to the hard work of each and every team member. Today we are comprised of 8 full-time designers of varied styles and talents. Our firm is proud to work on a daily basis with clients such as Canon Canada, Henkel, and Groupe Seb as well as our favorite Chinese take-away restaurant Wok to Go (on Burnhamthorpe Road, and may we recommend their Sesame Chicken).

Our graphic design model

So what is it that makes us different? There are lots of talented designers in all corners of this city, however it is our structure that is first noticed by our clients. One of the key tenets of how we work is the goal of eliminating as many bottlenecks in the project workflow. With that in mind our clients communicate directly with their designers, they can start new projects, discuss details and finish pieces with no middle men.

Working with a designer directly builds a number of positive results, from a better knowledge of products and services to improved understanding of the brand and even the client themselves. Being able to pick up the phone and get in touch with your designer to discuss your projects has been invaluable.

Our graphic designers enjoy a blend of styles and talents which can be brought to each and every project. Our designers are able to freely collaborate with each other on projects to ensure our clients benefit from the best blend of consistency and diversity within their work.


Our firm believes in partnering with our clients, and we are lucky to say that we have many clients today that we started working with in our first year of business. We believe in being able to develop those relationships project by project. Whether you are a large firm, or a small business your image plays an important part in building value into your customers perceptions. From creating and maintaining your brand, updating your website to producing all the communication pieces needed to stay visible, our team is there to support you.