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Anubis 3D Website

Client Anubis 3D.
Oakville, ON.

3D printing is all the rage st the moment, however, despite being a superb alternative to traditional manufacturing techniques there is still a knowledge deficit in the market. When Mona approached us to rework their existing website and content our designers embarked on a steep learning curve.

Building a website that is not intimidating and delivers content effectively.

Once you handle 3D printed products you get a better understanding of quite how revolutionary the process really is. Our graphic designers sat with the Anubis Team and handled samples while we discussed the goals of the new website design.

Anubis is approaching the market from a different angle, not aiming at consumers and hobbyists but at manufacturing and engineering. Using their strengths from their engineering sister company the team can effectively discus product development alongside different printing techniques.

However they wanted to push their website design towards a more no-nonsense image, with clear navigation, easy to read content (and lots of it) as well as a form that allowed those in the know to get projects started right away.

Our team also produced a great deal of the photography used in the existing site. Anubis continues to grow into this exciting new market and have recently expanded their equipment!

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