Holistic Blend Social Media Campaign ODL Designs

Holistic Blend Ultimate Breed Showdown

Client Holistic Blend
Mississauga, ON

Creating a Facebook campaign requires a few considerations, the first and most important is remembering that Facebook is a social tool, and therefore our activity should be geared to producing a social opportunity for followers, not a race for sheer numbers.

Pitting the breeds against one another!

Our design team brainstormed on a fun and engaging idea for pet owners and creating an element of clan-ism among breed owners was the perfect chance to get everyone all riled up. I mean who doesn't want to see their team win!

We produced a number of illustrations and graphic elements to use throughout the campaign, as well as allowing for giveaways to those that engaged.

Watching the engagement grow.

As social media is supposed to be an organic endeavor one has to accept initial turnouts to be slightly lower. However with a good idea and a little help one can catch a great deal of attention.

As the tournament progressed out team would casually "share" the competition with interested parties, such as a breed lovers forum or Facebook page... then we would watch as their supporters would turn out in droves. The final was between an unassuming Boston Terrier and the assertive German Shepherd. We in a surprise victory the Boston (pronounced Bawstin if you hail from the city of the same name) took the win by a storm and over 100,000 people had a look!

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