Odds and ends

Tefal Window Display

Window display design

Front and center, creating window displays has to be a balance between attention-grabbing and quality. A typographic approach worked well for us here.

Niagara Mist Poster

poster design for niagara mist fruit wines

Fruity wines don't always get the taste-buds tingling, mostly because we dont know what to expect. Cue graphic designs with tumbling fruit and splashing water.

CLAC T-shirt Designs

Graphic T-shirt design for CLAC

Designing promotional products doesnt get any better than graphic tees. CLAC needed some relevant designs to hand out to their contruction members.

Anubis Trade Show

Trade show booth materials

Face the challenge of people milling up
and down tradeshow aisles with direct messaging and strong colours for a lasting impact.

Centric the Carrot

Illustrations for SCM's newsletter

While a little silly, Cedric was like and old friend. Created by the team at SCM our designers had a lot of fun incorporating him into their company newsletters.

Plannogram Design

Creating real life plannograms to help sell your product

Selling is tough, and to convince a potential client that your product would look good on their shelves what better was than putting it on their shelves?

JAAN Bottle Redesign

redesigning a glass bottle for Jaan

When Jaan decided to redesign their bottle our designers were asked for a little help. We got to considering the form of the old bottle and how we could improve it.

Photo Manipulation

In-house image manipulation samples

We do all our post processing work in house. This series for a costume designer was a particular challenge, bringing fantasy to life in a mississauga park.

Tradeshow Booth Design

Tradeshow botth illustration and design for Sphere 3d

So how do you sell a product that is more of a service, where the benefits of the product are more about what it isn't than what it is?