A Unified Rebrand

Client: CLAC
Mississauga, ON

With very flat level organizations such a labour union steering the direction of a corporate identity and image isn't as simple as it may sound. As unions of this type are groups of strong individuals and leader-type personalities there are definitely a lot of chefs in the kitchen.

CLAC's existing identity had been created in the 1970's and as the organization had expanded across Canada a number of Locals had pro-actively engaged in adjustments and rebrands. By the time CLAC contacted ODL there were a number of different logos in use across the country.

Creating the new Identity

Of course here were a number of stipulations with the new corporate identity. The organization wanted to move itself away from being called "clac" and instead would like the acronym spelled out "C-L-A-C". They wanted to keep their full name in place (Christian Labour Association of Canada) but needed to downplay their Christian roots to reflect the shifting Canadian demographics.

Colour consistency was also a part of the new corporate identity, the need to maintain blue and red as their primary colours along with the maple leaf being a part of the design.

The final logo used an adjusted typeface allowing the newly capitalized font to be brought closer together, a deeper blue and red add strength to the image. The new placement of the maple leaf reflects the "C" for Canada as well as adjusted proportions.

Putting a new corporate identity on paper

Labour organization is serious business, with over 50,000 members across the country, a pension department, training, organizing and communication the stationery had to be flexible to produce and cost effective to run when needed.

We worked out a system of slugs (preprinting the business cards for quick and efficient production) allowing colour consistency with a cost effective way of producing new pieces for the different departments.

We also moved CLAC onto 100% post consumer recycled paper stocks to reduce their environmental footprint while saving the organization thousands of dollars in productions costs.

Bringing the new image to the supporting pieces

From setting up a consistent set of secondary colours, design standards and visual categorization of the different departments our design team overhauled the entire communication system at CLAC.

From redesigning The Guide, their bi-monthly magazine to setting up the different communication pieces for each department our graphic designers worked to establish a clear consistent image for the organization.

Overall this was a huge undertaking, we worked on sign-age, print materials, promotional products, online advertising and more. Once implemented the visual change was dramatic, from a loosely cohesive group to an organization that had a compelling corporate identity with clear divisions and greater brand cache.

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