Building a Logo

Client Ren-Ovation
Mississauga, ON

Sometimes businesses choose to change direction, either because of shifting markets and business, or the desire to branch into new areas.

When Diego approached our Graphic Design firm to create his new logo design for Ren-ovation, a commercial and residential renovations company, we jumped at the chance.

Constructing the look of the mark

One area Ren-Ovation wanted to stand out, was their ability to contribute to the design of the spaces they worked on. After years of experience improving spaces there was a lot of knowledge they were able to bring to any project.

The final logo design employed the use of drafting lines reflecting and complimenting shapes in the lettering. Used with a strong, modern font and vibrant colours the mark shows the right amount of flare while retaining enough of a clean image to appeal to a broader public.

Reinforcing the letterhead and business cards

Breaking the logo down into two formats (residential and Commercial), each with their own colour palette allowed the company to communicate with their different markets in a more specific way.

This included producing two sets of cards and letterhead for the logo design to be used on, while this adds a level of complexity to the communication it does this in exchange for the ability to speak more directly to the two different markets they cater to.

Creating the supporting communication pieces

Carrying the logo design and communication strategy into marketing pieces meant producing two separate brochures. The first used the Residential logo design and was a multi-page square format.

The larger size for the brochure was due to the added need to "sell" the quality and experience Ren-Ovation brought to the table. More images showing their work, describing the different areas of the home and the benefits of improving the home.

The graphic elements in the piece carry over from the logo design, with shapes and lines dissecting the spreads breaking up the clean white spaces and adding more visual texture.

The second piece uses the Commercial logo and colour palette. A smaller trifold design was chosen as the commercial work was already the bread-and-butter business and relied heavily on networking and relationships.

Bringing it all together in the company website.

Consistency is always important when employing a logo design on different elements. From colour palettes to textures and fonts consistency builds trust, recognition and value.

Using the visual elements already in place across the brochures reinforces the brand, establishes the logo in a familiar format which in turn helps build a more successful "new" brand.

Good clean design across the website with a no-nonsense navigational system allows potential clients to browse and absorb the messaging without too much clutter or distraction.

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