Branding an Association

Client Downsview Residents Association
Toronto, ON

Where people live is as important as the home they live in. In an effort to create a greater sense of community, better general awareness of events and an avenue of communication the Residents Association was launched.

A major element of designing the logo was to integrate the history of the area into the visuals. This both creates a unique mark while bringing a greater appeal and sense of establishment.

The design of the logo

After some exploration into the many options that presented themselves we began working towards forming the right balance of elements.

The final logo design blends a more traditional element of flight, the humble propeller, with the peaks of homes. Using the sky blue as our primary colour is both bright and cheerful while again referencing the element of flight.

The brand on paper

Reinforcing the colour palette, the use of angles all while retaining a slightly more energetic feel was important. We chose to use the photo of the founder Anthony as it brings a more personal touch to the cards.

The association now has regular events and a large number of subscribers to their email and continues to bring in new residents.

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