Jaan Paan Liqueur

Jaan Liqueur
Mississauga Canada

When Raj got in touch with us it was initially to discuss the previous graphic designer's work on his line of Premium Liqueurs. After some initial discussion we were asked to produce some initial sketches to demonstrate our concepts.

Crucial to this brand was going beyond the simple logo design and getting as much information from the client relating to his target markets (as well as ensuring a thorough tasting of the product!).

Creating the Brand

Initial logo concepts varied from those that tied in heavily with the South Asian roots of this Liqueur and extended to more general forms such as the betel leaf, typographic visuals and other more abstract forms.

Through the discovery phase Raj had mentioned that while his low hanging fruits were obviously S. Asian communities, the original flavour profile combined with a strong brand should broaden his demographic to include many other liqueur drinkers.

The final branding clearly pushes towards a more European design philosophy, in part the brand was a symbiotic design choice influenced by the companies short term goals, but also the clients bottle choice.

Bottling the design

As the design of both the logo and the packaging are crucial to a products success in this market as the short list developed our logos were being presented to the client in "mock-up" form on illustrations of his potential bottle shape.

The final design uses a metallic gold ink for greater shelf visibility and appeal with a foil trim and accent to add a modest touch of refinement and high end appeal.

Stationery and Additional Design Elements

One of the most important design elements when branding a company or product is the successful application of the logo across multiple delivery formats.

Using the elongated J on business cards may well lead some designers to simply lay the design out in portrait format. However while the long J is very flattering to the bottle design, creative use of cropping allows the designer to suggest core brand elements without being literal.

From the logo to the packaging, stationery to the website the Jaan brand employs striking typography and elegant simplicity to engage with a sophisticated.

Raj has been tirelessly promoting his brand across the world where in competition after competition the product is receiving high praise both for its original taste and packaging design.

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