A Gradual Rebrand

Client: Holistic Blend
Mississauga, ON

It isn't often a graphic designer gets to work so closely with a client, shaping each piece as it comes along, steering the companies image, and their product image in the right direction.

Due to the cost of reproducing packaging across multiple product lines simultaneously combined with warehouses already full of inventory for filling orders... how does a mid size company rebrand without breaking the bank and their existing image?

Shifting the subject of focus (logo)

The primary element was the redesign of the logo. After some puzzling we decided to create a new icon to shift the consumers point of focus on all the packaging. By making this new "logo" the primary focus the phasing out of the existing design had begun.

Wanting to create a sense of fresh and healthy we chose strong greens and rich browns for the rebrand, carrying over the cat and dog from the original logo design for consistency the final mark conveyed a sense of vitality and energy the old design lacked.

Strong stationery design

As most pet food companies work through a series of distributors and channels, the industry contains a lot of "gatekeepers". Therefore it was important to showcase the original Holistic Blend design well on the companies business cards and letterhead.

Continuing to use the brand's primary colour palette really helped promote the new company image and caught a lot of attention in the business community. Combined with the packaging, after the rebrand Holistic Blend broke into 3 new markets and secured 8 new distribution deals over the following 8 months.

Packaging the new brand

As this rebrand really started with the question of its application to the clients packaging, employing the new logo had a bit more leeway than usual. Most of this flexibility was due to us working on a transition as opposed to an immediate overhaul.

A key tenet of carrying the rebrand over to the packaging was the need to continue using the older logo in the new designs. The staged process was rationalized by considering the old logo as a "corporate" mark with the new brand emerging as a product symbol. Over time the older design would be eliminated and the new mark would be adopted on all elements.

For a more complete review of the redesign to the Holistic Blend packaging please click here.

Redesigning the website

With an extensive product line from dog and cat food, treats as well as a comprehensive line of supplements and alternative aids it was important that the new website not just look good for the re-branding, but also function well.

One of the key elements of the new website was a unique navigation system that allowed visitors to see the products in the navigation and select their specific product without having to click through multiple categories.

Employing large banner spaces, an "Ask our nutritionist" section, store locater, image bank and more. The Holistic Blend website went from a simple product brochure to a far more useful online tool both for their distributors and customers alike.

To read more about the Holistic Blend website redesign please click here.

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