Formulogix Re-Brand case study for ODL Designs and Graphic Design company in Mississauga

Expansion & Branding

Client Formulogix
Dubai UAE

When it comes to corporate re-branding there can be a lot of reasons why an organization would choose to update their image. For Formulogix, a hi-tech market expansion company the need to re-brand was brought about by a re-examination of what they do best.

The design of the new logo

With the insight that the key benefit to Formulogix's customers is their ability to open up new markets for emerging companies (and they really do!).

While looking for the right solution to this re-brand one of our core principals was to marry a modern look with a visual that showed movement and growth.

The final re-branded identity used expanding lines pushing east , as the main markets of growth are the Middle East and Asia, in two waves. Combined with a modern italicized font and strong colour palette the logo both is an effective piece with a great deal of design potential.

Stationery and letterhead design

Using the primary colours of the brand, the stationery employs visual elements of the logo on the reverse side of both the business cards and the letterhead. Exploding into an empty space is a strong representation of the potential growth into new markets for potential clients.

Simple content placement allows the energetic logo to stand out while making the pieces easy to use in common office word processors template functions (which we set up for this client).

Re-branding the website

Carrying over the principals of market expansion, nothing speaks more than case studies. When we conceived of Formulogix's new website we wanted to ensure that immediately upon arrival prospective clients would get a compelling message.

The use of the homepage banner as a tool to effectively showcase example of Formulogix's successes was further emphasized with the re-brands visuals of the dotted lines. This both ties in the re-branding concepts with effective communication.

Pushing through the rest of the website we wanted easy navigation, well laid out content and a general feel of professionalism.

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