Mastering the identity

Client MNK Studios
Dubai, UAE

Our work is often used around the world, and so it is always a pleasant surprise to get contacted by potential clients from far off places.

MNK Studios had been in business for a number of years before contacting us for their corporate identity rebrand. Having expanded their services from mixing and mastering for the music industry to voice talent / acting as well as sound engineering for television and film they felt it was time to update their brand.

Creating the corporate identity

The client has specifically requested that the new logo design reflect the two areas of his business, recording the audio as well as the final finished product.

While developing concepts for MNK we explored a number of styles as the industry itself is very accepting of a variety of finished products from retro to modern.

The finished corporate identity utilizes two main elements, the microphone which represents the capturing and recording of sound, and the headphones. The headphones reflects the listing of the finished product, but also one of the main tools of an audio engineer, his capacity to hear sound.

The stationery design

Expanding on the design elements of the brand, as well as the ideas of sound and sound design we introduced an expanding pattern of concentric rings, and sound effects to the letterhead, business card and pocket folder.

These both increase the visual impact of the corporate identity as well as reflect the shapes and forms inherent in the logo design itself.

Additional paraphernalia within the corporate identity

Bringing the brand to elements such as poster concepts and promotional products we produced some sample designs for MNK.

From duo-chrome poster designs to shirt designs for events we developed a core set of pieces to guide future designs for the MNK brand. Our ongoing support of MNK has helped maintain their unique identity in a rapidly growing market.

Web design for MNK Studios

When creating the MNK Studios website we chose to keep the design free of too much clutter and use simple and relative imagery for the look and feel.

Throughout the site visitors are able to listen to sample pieces from the studio from adverts to music mastering and video. The overall colour palette reflects the core brand to reinforce recognition and allow the logo to "pop" off the screen.

Simple, clear navigation makes for easy use and well organized information with a main content area. Large heading spaces and top down design leads the visitors to all relevant information, from downloads or audio samples to outbound links.

Overall the MNK corporate identity has a fresh appearance adding to the appeal of working with such a talented and creative team.


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